Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the issues concerning life in
the North County. One of the most effective activities is communicating
your views to your elected officials. You can let your representatives
know your opinion on an issue by appearing before them at a public
hearing. But, this takes time -- a lot of waiting around to speak for just
three minutes on a working-day Tuesday in the case of the County
Supervisors or on a Tuesday evening in the case of the Paso Robles.

Writing the Supervisors or Council members, on the other hand, can be
quick and easy, and done at your convenience.

There is also the strong possibility that, by the time your elected
officials hold a hearing, they've already decided how they are going to
vote. Communicating with them before then - by a week or two, or even
a day or two - may actually be a more effective way to influence their
votes than by speaking at a hearing.

Get Involved in a specific issue of countywide importance

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